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DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipes

Here are a selection of DIY hand sanitizer recipes from trusted sources. Note the advice given about the quality of ingredients and the percentage of alcohol required in order to kill contagens. Normal gin or vodka just won’t work!

Make hand sanitizer for friends and family if they have been unable to purchase sanitizer in the stores.

How to Make Hand Sanitizer – Dr Ian Smith

In this video, Dr Ian Smith, on the Rachael Ray show, explains how to make DIY hand sanitizer and explains the ingredients required. He also shares tips for hand washing.

How to Make Rubbing Alcohol at Home for Hand Sanitizer

This video explains how to make rubbing alcohol at home using ethyl alcohol (grain alcohol) which is 151 proof.

Make Hand Sanitizer to WHO Standards

This video tutorial shows how to create hand sanitizer which is made using the World Health Organization formular.

Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Here’s a video tutorial which shows how to make hand sanitizer from scratch

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