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DIY Surgical Face Masks Tutorials and Templates

If you are handy with a needle and sewing machine, creating DIY surgical face masks is definitely worth exploring.

Make masks and give to health services who are posting requests for supplies, give to local support organizations and share with friends and family.

It should be noted, the use of handmade DIY surgical masks is relatively controversial, however, many medical and health authorities are desperate for handmade masks to use as a last result.

Here are some videos and tutorials which show how to make surgical face masks at home. We have selected the tutorials which give the best and most thorough advice.

How to Make DIY Surgical Masks

DIY face masks can be created in many ways. If you know your way around a sewing machine and are familiar with the construction of a face mask, you are probably good to go. But, if not, here are some resources to help you get started.

Free Printable Medical Mask Patterns

This free printable medical face mask template and tutorial also includes cutting files for Cricut and Silhouette machines. The template and tutorial is available for at Craft Passion.

You will find a free PDF with a medical mask pattern to download here – Free Medical Mask Pattern PDF

There is a free printable face mask pattern and tutorial showing how to make them in this tutorial at Tiana’s Closet here – Free Face Mask Template

Face Mask Video Tutorials

These videos and tutorials show how to create DIY face masks using a variety of materials and techniques.

DIY Mask With Filter Pocket and Wire Adjustable Fitting

This video tutorial from EasyToSew, demonstrates how to create a DIY medical face mask with filter pocket, and how to use a wire to create adjustable fitting.

Sew an N95 ‘Type’ Face Mask with Filters

This video from Bridal Sewing Techniques demonstrates how to create an N95 ‘type’ face mask and gives advice as to the different types of filters to use. The mask in the tutorial filters down to 0.3 microns which is the same as a N95 mask.

This tutorial is a little more detailed than some others as it explains not only different filter options, but also how to make the mask so it is tighter fitting than some alternatives.

How to Sew a Multi Layer Face Mask

This is another tutorial looking at how to sew a multi layer mask inspired by the N95 medical face mask.

This video tutorial also shares links on where to get the materials needed.

DIY Face Mask Using Easily Found Materials

This tutorial not only starts with some sensible advice – clean your hands and workspace throroughly before starting, it also uses ready-to-hand materials.

How to Sew a Face Mask With Filter Pocket

In this video we learn how to create a face mask with a pocket for a filter. When choosing something to use as a filter, remember to choose something that is a high density which will filter down to 0.3 micron (which is the same as a N95 mask).

How to Sew a Medical Mask

This video tutorial shows how to sew a medical mask using pieces of cotton fabric. Note the tips about using tightly woven fabric.

Deconess Hospital Face Mask Tutorial

In this video the Deconess Hospital shows us how to sew face masks using strips of 100% cotton cut to 6 x 9″ size.

Joann Face Mask Tutorial

In this video tutorial, the craft store chain Joann, show us how to make face masks using cotton and fusible lining. Finished masks can be taken to Joann stores for distribution.

Three Minute Face Mask Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to make a face mask quickly and easily. Use cotton or other fabric to create this quick mask.

Folded Paper Towel Face Mask

This tutorial shows how to make a face mask from a folded paper towel. This is super quick to do, however paper towels won’t have the filter levels of some of the other tutorials we’ve seen, therefore this one would appear to be for use when nothing else is available.

Note: The CDC have some advice about handmade surgical masks and state they should be used as a last resort. Plus this is a copy of a Medscape article about handmade surgical masks which is worth reading.

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